Media Planning and Buying: Armed with experience, expertise, and creativity our media team presents your product directly to your target audience with efficiency and style. Analyzing every aspect for optimal performance, each campaign is nurtured consistently with ROI as the main priority. Our business is to know your business.

Search Engine Marketing: Organic search is the best means of converting traffic. Our team of highly trained SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists will make sure you are seen in all keyword searches specific to your sector.

Affiliate Program: With over eight years experience in affiliate marketing, your product or service can be actively promoted by a dynamic network. Affiliates earn a commission or bounty that best fits your business model. Our affiliates enjoy high commission structures, control over their account, and professional and dedicated multilingual affiliate managers.

PPC (Pay Per Click): Our PPC specialists work to see that your product not only gets noticed, but that the click offers a solid return on your investment by ensuring high converting landing pages and specialized promotions. Our teams also have extensive experience in Paid Inclusion, working together with the world's leading search engines to get you the most for your money.

Data Mining: Matching up a product to the right client takes more than a good idea and a good place to broadcast. Without the proper research a great product is lost in a sea of consumers. The Internet is this sea. Our teams of analysts have the tools and know-how to comb the information provided, carefully analyze the data and find the relevant patterns. Click here for more details.

Analytics: By providing automated reports regularly, every affiliate and media campaign is constantly being monitored, analyzed and optimized. Using VBA (for automatic reporting,) SPSS, and SAS (statistics models) for automatic reports on all types of marketing campaigns and dynamic graphs for time analysis, we are able to provide a unique service that allows for high-confidence conclusions on both current performance and future projections. Click here for more details.

Creative Marketing Consulting: Your brand and business is unique as are your online goals and needs. Our creative consulting team works directly with you to form your distinctive ideas into a successful campaign. Custom tailored marketing strategies and personalized creative materials paired with individual attention and dedication is our recipe for symbiotic prosperity and an enduring partnership.

Graphics Studio: Our skilled team of graphic designers and programmers work together with our creative marketing team to provide our select clients with a unique package which combines intelligent and relevant messages with stylistically pleasing designs.

Content Writing: We offer you unlimited content writing in over 12 languages. Good unique content is hard to find and is essential for distinctive Internet marketing. A key factor to a successful website is good, relevant, unique content. We train our teams extensively to understand the ins and outs our clients' products, ensuring a direct conversation with potential consumers. From website content, to online and offline articles, editorials, reviews, etc., we offer unparallel content and marketing writers to make your brand stand out among the best.

Direct Marketing: Combining our talented creative and graphics teams and our vast network of advertisers and consumers, we offer high-converting, direct marketing solutions catered to your unique campaign. We not only target your audience, we reach them, convert them into customers and keep them satisfied.

Lead Generation: Thanks to over a decade of direct Internet marketing experience, we have perfected the art of lead generation and act as the ideal matchmaker between your corporation and suitable consumers. We see lead generation as a valuable asset to a growing company. We work hard to ensure that the gains outweigh the risks by working only with double opt-in, fully CAN-SPAM compliant lists.

Internal Marketing (Customer Retention): By working in close cooperation with our customers in accordance with their specific needs and wants, we are able to provide unmatched customer retention services. We monitor our products by constantly analyzing the market (it's existing and potential consumers) and recognizing future trends and patterns. By keeping an open line of communication with our customers we learn their needs and desires and are thereby able to closely trace their behavior and consuming patterns.

Our specialty lies in knowing our select clients' products, finding their unique selling points and integrating these unique brand values into all marketing efforts. Through tailored promotions at every spending level, cross-selling and up-selling campaigns, weekly and monthly informative newsletters, personalized phone service to VIP customers, and more, we promote an ongoing conversation with each individual customer.

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